Health and Wellbeing Camps, Grow and Grow

Health and Wellbeing Camps, Grow and Grow

Our first week of Kids Health and Wellbeing Summer camp was highly successful which was followed by a more impressive second camp week.

Working with over 30 children throughout the week and ages ranging between 5 and 14, every child had an enriching learning experience whilst becoming very physical activity during each camp day regardless of their age or experience.

Our children had the opportunity to explore leadership skills, mentoring, and taking responsibility with all of them shining and supporting our younger cohort.

The younger group who were bubbling with energy all week were able to discover how much sugar was in their breakfast with a pain au chocolate leading the way with 14 grams of sugar, each child weighed this out and reflected on the amount of sugar in their breakfast.

As we move into the third week of Health and Wellbeing Camps, we are delighted to be able to continue the momentum with the support of the local community and the contribution of our brilliant children.

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