Ashley Culp
Ashley Culp
Beautiful space, amazing instructors, and a wide variety of classes for any pole style. I've found an amazing community full of people that genuinely support each other. The owner, Tia, is truly invested in our journey and personal lives. It's my second home ❤️
Ruby B
Ruby B
This studio is great! Came to Atlanta for the weekend and decided to take a pole class with Lavender Flame. It was definitely the highlight of my trip and I’ll absolutely be back next time I’m in town! Her choreography was hot and just the right difficulty. And everyone at the studio was so friendly and encouraging.
Asia Tooke
Asia Tooke
I love this studio! Everyone is so kind and encouraging, the space is clean and well-kept, and they take safety very seriously. I started coming to Pink Poles in August 2021 and never stopped. The instructors here have taught me to do things that I never thought my body could do, and my self-esteem has improved so much, even outside of pole practice. So grateful for this place 💕
Natalia M
Natalia M
If you are seeking a peaceful, uplifting space to cultivate self love, improved endurance, and some serious full-body strength…..Pink Poles is an amazing space to do just that! Silks, trapeze & Lyra classes, pole….all of the offerings here are both fun and challenging enough to keep me coming back for more. I have often found gym environments alienating and boring. I suppose not all things in life need to be thrilling, but if you’re sensitive to your surroundings and seek a connected, encouraging space to connect to your body, Pink Poles has been just such a space for me. This studio offers a vibrant, welcoming environment, which puts a smile on my face as soon as I walk through the door. The quality of the classes, the skillful leadership of the instructors and owners, and the teamwork and encouragement I see modeled here each and every time I show up makes this Pink Poles a true gem. I have been frequenting Pink Poles for about 3 months. I started coming as a complete beginner, and I have never once been disappointed in the value and instruction I receive here. I drive quite a long way to continue learning and enjoying my time here, and it feels worth it every time. Words truly don’t do justice to what a special energy this place has…..come experience it for yourself!l 💎
Nadjé Leslie
Nadjé Leslie
One of the best decisions I ever made was walking through the doors of Pink Poles!! I was new to the state 2 years ago and searching for a place that I could make some friends while staying fit. Little did I know I would have gained a whole family and achieved the best shape of my life now at 30! My first class I walked in so quiet and nervous, and its so funny looking back at that girl vs the confident woman I am now. I owe a HUGE part of who I am to my pole sisters and the amazing PPS team. I could honestly write an epistle about this place lol.. but I'll just say come on in!! The vibes are right. The support is incomparable. And you'll fall in love with yourself and your body more than you probably ever thought possible <3

Here's a taste of our AMAZING performers from
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Join our Progressive level series

At The Pynk University, our progressive level series provides a solid introduction to the basic pole techniques from grips, positioning, and pole spins and allows you to gain the proper strength training on the pole necessary for you to move on to the next level. This 1hour class includes; warm-up and stretching, simple pole moves, spins, and floor work which are all combined to create an easy-to-learn routine for all. Every six weeks, we Level Up. Once you reach level 5, the series extends out eight weeks. As we progress and moves get more complicated, we require more time to perfect.

Freshman class level 1 and level 2
Sophomore class level 3 and level 4
Junior class-level 5
Senior class -level 6

PhD-learn more vital skills, techniques, and foundations to explore unique moves while adding definition and eccentric chores. We also add twist and spice to skills learned in levels 1-6.

Pink Poles studio was founded in 2013 by owner Tia Harris-Pope. Harris says God gave her the vision to create something unique to unite and empower women of all ages, sizes, demographics, and backgrounds. Since 2013 she’s successfully opened two additional pole fitness and dance studios throughout the metro area.
Pole parties are a great way to celebrate a birthday, bachelorette party, a girl's night out, or experience the thrill of pole dancing. Bring your friends for an exciting night of sexy fun, and playful laughter. Our parties are 1 hour long for 14 guests or less and an Hour in a half longer for the guest of 15-20. Choose the package that suits you, and the PYNK will handle the rest!
There’s something uniquely empowering about pole dancing. Whether it's the strength and power from choreography or the cheerful happiness you get from achieving new moves, people always tell us how pole has increased their confidence and helped them walk taller. Pole helps you naturally release your happy hormones known as endorphins. At Pink Poles, you’ll also gain a forever sisterhood!
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Q & A

Here are some of the frequently asked questions and their answers.

Shorts, Booty shorts! …or anything that comes at least 2 inches above the knee. You need your skin to grab the pole and climb your way to ecstasy!

NO! Big ol NO! Again, you need your skin to grip with and moistened legs will not help. It will also make the pole slippery for everyone else.

Pole dancing is an amazing workout!! It is our favorite workout, especially for your upper body and core! Plus it just happens to be about 200 million times more fun (for most).

Absolutely not! Everyone that comes to their first pole class is in exactly your shoes, a complete beginner, trying something completely new, with no idea of what it’s going to be like. It’s good to try new things, especially in a fun, inviting community of people just like you!

Yes, children cannot be left unattended without a parent/guardian present.


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